"Sometimes I wonder why words can’t actually make us bleed."

- Swati Avasthi, Split  (via transcendentalcaffeination)

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"People say that time slips through our fingers like sand. What they don’t acknowledge is that some of the sand sticks to the skin. These are memories that will remain, memories of the time when there was still time left."

- David Levithan, Invisibility (via quoted-books)

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you’re my adventure.

"When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty."

- Stevie Nicks (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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Amalfi, Italy

"I said never apologize for how you feel. No one can control how they feel. The sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. The rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. Feelings just are."

- Iain S. Thomas, Intentional Dissonance (via wanduring)

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"I guess it’s true what they say: if you wait long enough everything changes."

- Junot Diaz, This Is How You Lose Her (via mingdliu)

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"I think a lot, but I don’t say much."

- The Diary of Anne Frank (via booksandmovies-quotes)

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"The term courage as it first appears in the English language, is from the Latin ‘cor’, or ‘heart’, and it means to tell a story of who you are with your whole heart."

- Brene Brown (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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